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Are you able to provide regular, innovative online content and provide in-person services to international clients looking to relocate their business and/or family to Australia? 

Access 2 Australia offers an online platform for professional service providers in Australia to provide a suite of services for high-net worth individuals or businesses that want to live, relocate to, or invest in Australia. 

Online opportunities include: 
•    targeted video conferences 
•    personal introductions
•    virtual trade delegations 
•    partner profile and link on Access 2 Australia website
•    cross referrals within the partner community
•    access potential clients globally

In-person opportunities include:
•    regular strategic skill-building sessions 
•    monthly networking
•    knowledge sharing
•    training and tips to expand your online presence
•    access to digital marketing professionals 
“Our community is bigger than the sum of its individual parts. We combine our expertise to deliver community critical mass on-line at a one-stop shop”.-Sed Crest

Leveraging our combined expertise and contacts. Potential partners include:

•    Accounting services
•    Business brokers
•    Education agents
•    Schools
•    Universities and tertiary education institutions
•    Relocation services
•    Real Estate agents
•    Insurance providers and brokers
•    English language service providers
•    Financial advisers
•    Banking services
•    Trade advisers 
•    Export/import advice
•    Business valuers 

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