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Access 2 Australia is a community of professionals providing a pathway for international businesses and people to prosper in Australia to enjoy health, security, freedom and opportunity.

Access 2 Australia brings together our trusted professional partners at a one-stop-shop online to help you relocate your business and family to Australia.

Of the many business and investment options available, currently the most competitive pathway to Permanent Residence is Queensland’s 491 Small business owner pathway. Under this pathway, applicants need to buy a business in regional Queensland (anywhere but Brisbane) for at least $100,000. 

Of Queensland’s regional cities, the Gold Coast is one of the largest and best-serviced in terms of business infrastructure and access to a highly skilled workforce.

Access 2 Australia provides a platform for business owners around the world to access and understand how to relocate their family and business to safe, strong and stable Australia.

Coronavirus has forced businesses and their employees around the world to work from home. Many businesses around the world have adapted by taking many of their services and functions predominantly online.

This shift is particularly evidenced in the professional services sector. This change in the way many organisations do business has led to a sharp rise in online meetings with clients as well as between staff. For many firms and their staff, this is a permanent change for many people to work from home on a permanent basis.

This fundamental shift in the way we do business means that many business managers and owners are beginning to realise that they can do business anywhere in the world. That is, as long as they have access to a reliable and fast internet connection.

Australia benefitted from an early closure of its borders and has one of the lowest numbers of cases in the world. Australia’s world-class health system and responsive government has resulted one of the world’s lowest COVID-19 death rates. 

Australia offers:
•    world-leading healthcare and bio-security
•    a highly-skilled workforce
•    political and economic stability
•    personal and business financial independence
•    superior IT infrastructure
•    a free and open press 
•    high quality education at all levels 
•    clean air, waterways, beaches, mountains and forests.

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